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Although the time in school is mainly related to teaching children, those children that participate in regular homework supported by a parent or carer make much more progress and achieve greater.

Our expectations are very clear, daily reading for all children from Nursery to Year 6. This changes as the children get older. Nursery children should be listening to a story and talking about the pictures, characters, places and events. parents should ask questions about the pictures. As the children get older they need to read their letter sound cards (phonics), key words and reading books. A few pages is enough. By the time children are Key stage 2 they need to read more text, harder text, and answer more complicated questions about the story such as predicting what might happen. Writing character reviews and story reviews explaining why the text was enjoyable or not engaging enough.


Homework Agreement

Each week children will be given homework based on the subjects that they have been studying at school. The homework will help to extend the children’s learning.

Key Stage 1 will complete a piece of Numeracy or Literacy based homework each week

In Year 3-5 every half term your child will receive a menu of homework activities to choose from for Literacy and Maths, they will be expected to complete a Maths and Literacy activity weekly but can select whichever activities they want from the menu.  In year 6 children will receive maths and literacy homework on a weekly basis.

Occasionally, children will be given a homework project to complete. For these tasks, the children will be given an extended amount of time to hand their homework project in.

Children will be given a date by which their homework should be completed. They can use their school planner to keep track of when their homework needs to be handed in. Please check your child's planner daily and sign your child's planner weekly.


Please use the following links to help with your childs revison.

BBC Bitesize - A fantastic page with links to specific key stages and subjects.

Emaths KS1 Past Papers - Key Stage 1 past SAT papers.

Emaths KS2 Past Papers - Key Stage 2 past SAT papers.


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