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At Red Oak Primary School we are commited to ensuring the environment provides many opportunities for the children, to enhance their learning and enjoyment. Part of this commitment has seen changes to the keystage 1 provision, EYFS provision and a new quiet environment for Keystage 2. We have a range of resources including fixed climbing frames and smaller mobile equipment. All of our facilities consider the need for disability access and safety of all students.

Sports Centre

A fully equipped sports centre with male and female changing facilities, medical office and connecting outdoor sports compound. The outdoor compound is used during lessons, lunchtimes and play times for a range of activities. The sports centre is used for Physical Education lessons as well as after school clubs and group functions.

Wildlife Area

A fully fenced wildlife area which allows wildlife and plants to grow freely. This area is particularly helpful when teaching Science and helping to explain habitats, eco-systems and the natural environment in which we live.

The wildlife area has a seating area for pupils and a story telling chair allowing them to develop story telling skills, become confident talkers and use their imaginations to create exciting stories.

Breakfast Club

The breakfast club runs daily before school to allow pupils to come in early and receive help with class work and homework while enjoying a healthy breakfast. Places are strictly limited so if you wish for your child to attend Breakfast Club then please let the main office know of your interest. We charge £10 a week per child.


Outdoor Playground Facilities

Red Oak Primary has a wonderfully large field which allows pupils to participate in a variety of sports and activities both at break times and lunchtimes. Depending on the term, suitable pitches and athletic environments are laid out on the field to allow pupils access to a variety of sports.

We have a brand new climbing frame, which is available to each class in school at least once a week so that the facility can be enjoyed by all.

We also have playground facilities for pupils to enjoy such as the ‘Snug’ at the edge of the field as well as playground markings. These painted areas were developed by pupils within the school and allow a range of counting and physical skills to be developed.

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