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A reminder to parents that we no longer take for lunch money. If you wish your child to have a school lunch, please register the details we sent to you with Parent Pay. If you need a reminder of your details, please drop into the school office.

Here is a short video that shows the care and attention that CCS put in to create healthy and appetising school meals. Our kitchen staff have recently been awarded a 5 star Health and Hygiene rating for maintaining such excellent standards!


The menus include a choice of freshly cooked food offering balanced hot two course meals. Menus are planned to incorporate healthy eating objectives including increasing fibre, and reducing salt, fat and sugar

The menus contain enough certain nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium and limited amounts of other nutrients such as saturated fat, sugar and salt. The menu is analysed for a total of 14 nutrients and this information is available to customers.

The menu aims to suit the needs of all children it has been developed for, given that some pupils need to eat more than others depending on age, body size, metabolism and physical activity.

For more information on the nutritional values of the menus see the pdf file below. Please note that the data is for Primary school pupil portion sizes.