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Religious Education at Red Oak Primary

The purpose of Religious Education is to develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity, other principle religions, religious traditions and world views. Children will develop awareness and understanding of religious beliefs, teachings, practices, forms of expression and the influence religion has on individuals, families, communities and cultures.

Our aim is to promote the skills and attitudes necessary for self-fulfilment and growth. The children will develop their sense of identity and belonging enabling them to flourish individually within their communities, as responsible citizens in a diverse society and global community. Spiritual, social, moral and cultural development will also be promoted through RE.

Children will have the opportunity to reflect on, consider, analyse, interpret and evaluate issues of truth, belief, faith and ethics and to communicate their responses through discussion and debate.

Religious Education plays an important role in preparing children for adult life and employment, enabling them to develop respect and sensitivity to others, in particular those with different faiths and beliefs, and to combat prejudice and negative discrimination.

At Red Oak Primary the RE Curriculum is based on the locally agreed Suffolk syllabus 2012 established by the local Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SCARE)


The medium term plans for the units of work which focus on the 6 main faith groups outlines criteria that the children are assessed against using progressive skills steps.

Children are also assessed in accordance with the Suffolk RE Syllabus Attainment Targets in RE.


There is a long term plan for RE which maps out the curriculum across the year groups.

Each Year group from Year 1 to Year 6 studies one of the six major religions in detail over half a term. These units of work incorporate the learning themes (see below) as set out in the Suffolk RE Syllabus.

Red Oak's long term RE plan can be viewed below, to see a larger version please click on the PDF:

RE 2018-2019
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