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Parents comments

What do we do well at this school?

“Very happy that Year 4 are getting regular homework”

“Encouraging reading from an early age”

”Encourage the best result from the children”

“We are very pleased with what we’ve heard at parents evening, we are also very pleased with the school and its progress”

“Doing really well, so pleased my child joined this school, couldn’t be happier”

“Teachers do well making parents feel at ease and helping the children settle”

“Teachers are so friendly” “Very supportive teachers”

 “I am really pleased with my daughters’ progress in KS2. The school has a positive atmosphere and communicates well with parents”

“Huge improvement on nursery teaching over last few years and very happy with how lessons are delivered”

“Impressed the teachers know all the names of the children”

“My child is on track with Maths & English”

“I am pleased with how the school are improving my sons development and understanding his particular needs” “Safe and good learning environment”

“Teachers do a fantastic job” “Red Oak is improving more every day”

“Do 1:1 activities very well” “Teachers are really helpful” “Good variety of clubs”


What did I learn about the progress of my child?

“My child has been told that he is very bright, but needs to push himself a little more in lesson”

“She is doing very well in all subjects and is achieving higher than average”

“He can achieve more than he thinks” “My child is making good progress”

“Being given harder challenges as her teacher believes she is capable”

“Really bright and learning well in all subjects”

“My son has come a long way since the start of term”

“My child has settled very well in her new class and is working hard”


How can I improve the progress of my child?

“Practice handwriting” “Read more and learn spellings”

“More work on sounds” “Have more communication with teachers and TA’s”

“Make sure my child gets a good night sleep so he is ready to learn the next day”

“Encourage her to do her homework and to turn the Playstation off”

“Remind my child to use his planner”

“I would like more information on these modern techniques to enable better understanding and be able to help more with homework”

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