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Peekaboo Bob (Little Alien)

When I was in space i saw...

Two planets, Jupiter and Mars

Surrounded by giggling stars

And out popped a little green alien with one eye

And he said, 'Bye-bye.'





When I was in space I saw…

Shimmering shooting stars

Faster than flaming cars

And out peeked Bob riding a star

Then I blinked and he flew so far.





When I was in space I saw…

The moon so round like a gobstopper,

The Earth so colourful, way down there,

What a whopper

And out poked Bob eating the moon

But he disappeared so soon.





When I was in space I saw…

Broken satellites scattered all around

Then suddenly a swirly black hole I found,

Out jumped Bob near a black hole

But then he got sucked in the black hole as black as coal.





When I was coming back from space I saw…

Planets rushing past me,

But I was upset, then I found the key,

I was missing Bob, where was he?








Hannah – Year 5


Is It Just Me?


In the darkness as dark as coal,

I sit and wonder is it just me?

Sometimes I hear a tiny heartbeat,

Always following me.

But still is it just me?

I feel misery in my heart,

There is nothing to do

But I need to explore.

‘Oh look some green glue!’

Is it just me?


When I stare at the green sloppy glue,

I think it is a clue.

I imagine it turning into a monster

And saying, ‘Ill get you.’


All I see is darkness

But I am going to explore

To find light and a friend

To share my life to an end.


Ludi – Year 5


I Wonder


I wonder if there is life on Mars

Or even if there’s life on stars.


Shooting stars screeching,

Lighting up the big black sky.


The sun sweating and lighting the sky

And the Earth slowing sizzling by.


Aliens in flying saucers soaring past, Have a race and they eventually come last.

Patryk - Year 5


The Wonder of Space


I’m in space all alone and I can see…

Fun in outer space,

Earth so big it’s like a giant jawbreaker.

I could have for tea.


Fun in outer space,

Mars is so red, it looks like Christmas,

Cranberry juice with Christmas goose.


Fun in outer space,

Saturn so fun with hula hoops spinning round.

These hula hoops I have found.


Fun in outer space,

Neptune, my bright purple ball,

Let’s hope it doesn’t fall.


The sun is so hot today

My orange juice is making its way.

Uranus is as blue as the deep blue sea

Mercury looks purple to me.

Chloe - Year 5


Midnight Sky


M ercury, closest planet to the sun

I solation, caught in the solar system

R aging, ruthless rocks crash down on the moon like lightning

A stronauts are like a pack of army men

C raters were made by flaming meteors from the night sky

L aunching rockets are a typical thing

E xplosions exterminated part of the moon.

Alfie - Year 5





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